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A proud (older) mum to a cheeky adopted son, who is still in Primary School, I make the best of life! I love travelling, keeping up with current events, community intiatives, good dramas, music, boating on the Thames and reading.

I was an English teacher/lecturer and personal tutor to adults and children for over 26 years in London, Venezuela, Beijing, Hong Kong and in my hometown, Swindon.  I much enjoyed the pastoral, caring aspects of my job, so I do now find helping people very rewarding in my role as an Independent Celebrant. These teaching years have also given me a wealth of experience of writing and presenting effectively. 

In addition to other  qualifications, I hold an MA (with Distinction) in English from Oxford Brookes.

Having lived and taught in Wiltshire, East London, Asia and South America, I'm familiar with many creeds and cultures. I even participated in one of the first gay marriages in Canada, with an English theme and an impersonator of HRH The Queen!

My life has had its own challenges --  including divorce, bereavement and successfully dealing with health issues. Thus, I am able to empathise and work well with clients facing all manner of challenges. I possess an Enhanced CRB and  am very used to working with people from all walks of life. 

I wrote the service for my own wedding in 1990 and have since helped with many services. This led to me completing my training to deliver a spectrum of services with the well-respected Fellowship of Professional Celebrants. During this training, I attended different courses in Sarum College, Salisbury for all types of Celebrancy. I keep abreast of new developments with constant advice and updates from my fellowship and other professional forums, both online and in person. 


Wiltshire Celebrant * Oxfordshire Celebrant * Gloucestershire Celebrant *Master of Services

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