Great to be the celebrant for Shannon and Robert's Wedding at the wonderful Lucknam Park Hotel, Wiltshire. A total privilege to work with the lovely couple and a fantastic wedding team. Louise Joachim for flowers, Zosia Zacharia photographs, Claire Bailey harpist... and the wonderful and calm Lucknam Manager Bart. A dream team! Dec 2017.

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Saying goodbye to a lovely fellow school mum and friend Kay today, in a service I am taking, which we planned together before Kay died. Getting my yellow blouse on, as we all will wear yellow, and reading over Kay's own words that she so carefully and beautifully put together. Rest In Peace funny, gorgeous one. Always thinking of others now it is time to let us all think of you xxx  July 2017.

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Three services in one day?!

One as an attender for a friend of a friend whom I liked a lot, and whose wicked humour, infectious laugh and big smile I'll always remember. Pauline's lovely service was taken by my close fellowhip colleague, Teri Stout. The second, I led and was an enormously attended service for a loved wife, mum & Zurich manager. The third again was my service and was a for a lovely London lady who'd moved here in the 60s - her diaries about moving and the treatment of the London 'outsiders' in Swindon were really insightful.

Treated myself to a delicious healthy lunch, with a distracting magazine at the Nexus cafe on the way home. I deserved it! February 2018

My perception of funerals will never be the same again after a WONDERFUL unique Autumn Equinox Ceremony for the wonderful and unique Karen, who planned her own funeral, in detail,  before she died. EVERYBODY did the Hokey Cokey, nobody wore black, the stories in the hat were expertly read by the honorary Aunt, and the environmentally-friendly balloon release to my poem went beautifully. The balloons drifted up towards the White Horse at Uffington. Very special. Thanks to the family for the support in making the slot longer to fit all this wonderful service, and for the Funeral Director and Crematorium for their patience with me trying to make it all work! Sept 2017.


After being asked to conduct a ceremony for a gorgeous and much-loved mum, I am now asked to conduct a wedding for her eldest daughter. Feeling very honoured. Thanks Justine xx January 2018