​​​'With her patient, diligent but sensitive gathering of information & her sympathetic approach to the whole process, Ana made a difficult time much easier than expected. The service went wonderfully, getting compliments from friends & family for weeks afterwards. Funerals are supposed to be a celebration of life & this one most certainly was. Thanks Ana.' Ian

 ​​​Choose the Right Celebrant 

As an Independent Celebrant,  I offer Celebration of Life funeral services with religious or spiritual elements, or services with no such elements. It is important to me that clients have exactly the ceremony they wish for.

A Celebration of Life focusses on the life lived, people loved and achievements (whether large or small) and often is joyful, with families involved if they wish. If a family member or friend wishes to read or write a eulogy or poem, such a personal, heartfelt contribution is always more than welcome, and I am happy to support them.

I work with tact and sensitivity and share the entire script with you for approval ahead of time, and I'm happy to make any desired edits. ​

You have the right to choose your own Celebrant and Service type. If you use a Funeral Director, please pass them my details and ask them to please check I'm free prior to booking a service time.  

Celebrations of Life can be magical, irrespective of budget, from the TRADITIONAL to the MORE UNUSUAL (which I love to conduct!), including: 

-symbolic ceremonies eg. metaphors such as train or tree of life

-stories/tributes out of the hat

-'life snapshots' from near and dear

-traditional details about life, love & achievements

-life told through readings and music.

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 There are so many types of ceremony to consider!

For example: 

  • A traditional cremation or burial under the guidance of a trusted Funeral Director. The cost of these often vary; I am happy to enquire about packages on your behalf to save you discomfort. 
  • A natural burial - which can be gorgeous, is less time-restricted and sometimes cheaper than a cremation - these may take place with or without a Funeral Director.  
  • A low cost direct cremation, which may be unattended or with just a couple of family members - perhaps with a lovely memorial with no time or contribution limits later in a venue that is more fitting to your loved one (such as a sports' club, pub or community centre).​


  • Children's services - NO COST


  • Family meeting, my research, writing & delivery of service  - £210 

  • Initial general information on the funeral services available, outline costs etc - CHARITY DONATION

  • Support with finding the right service providers/ applying for Government grant etc...£12 per hour

  • WISHLIST provided for self completion  - NO COST         

  • ​Wishlist session - ask re. availability-  DIRECT CHARITY DONATION

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 Let's Talk!
I'm happy to book a chat with you. CLICK the PHONE ICON if you have a mobile, OR click the LINK BELOW to book a meeting. My CONTACT FORM is below OR feel free to email ana@kellycelebrant.com,  call or text me on 07722193703

Choose a Funeral Fitting Your Budget and Wishes


Every Celebration of Life Should be as UNIQUE as the Person Celebrated

I have 26 years' experience of pastoral guidance and support and I have been a Celebrant since 2016. This means I am totally used to working with people in a caring capacity. Supporting the bereaved, and even helping people plan their own funerals is something I readily do.  

Plan the Details of Your Own Celebration of Life 

I provide a Funeral Wishlist for FREE to complete and keep with important paperwork. I can help you to complete this form for a small charity donation to an agreed local cause, if this is affordable. These details will be so helpful for your grieving loved ones after your death.