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'Happy New Year Ana!  Thank you again for making our wedding day very special!!! We were delighted with your lovely script and loved the flow and words! Thank you so much for all your fantastic help.' SM-C

'​Last year when my partner passed away, I asked Ana to perform the funeral service. With her patience, diligent but sensitive gathering of information & her sympathetic approach to the whole process, she made a difficult time, much easier than expected. The service went wonderfully, getting compliments from friends & family for weeks afterwards. Funerals are supposed to be a celebration of life & this one most certainly was, thanks Ana.'  ID

'I really appreciated the lovely service and time you took. Lots of people told me they loved the service. Thank you so much for the beautiful bound copies you gave us and for taking the time to put together additional copies for people who were asking.' BB

'A great service. Thank you again for yesterday, my mum will be looking down on us knowing she got her wishes. Take care.'  TS 

'Thank you so much Ana for a wonderful service.' LW 

'All went well. Thank you ever so much. Everybody thought you were great. We all think that's the way funerals should now go.' SR

'Our first thought when we arranged to get married was to ask Ana. She delivered the service words beautifully and they really captured us and our feelings. The thing is with Ana is she is caring, she listens and it is important to her that things are great, even if it means asking (nicely) for others to do their jobs right ahead of time (moving tables, getting the room just so etc...) She is also funny, patient and calming.' KN

'Ana is truly amazing and I would recommend her - she did an amazing job for my precious Mum.' JC

'Myself and the family would like to say a big thank you for the care and compassion you have shown us over the last month. The manner in which you conducted mum's funeral was perfect for our needs at this particular time.' HS

Thanks again for the lovely service; many people commented on how fitting it was for Mum.' LF

'I am writing to thank you for an excellent presentation yesterday it really carried the service. At the reception so many people commented on how informative the eulogy was and how well it was read. Many said it was among the best services they had ever been to, so we got it right somewhere.' PC 

'Thank you Ana for the copy and thank you for delivering so beautifully.  I know it brought back memories for people.Thank you for sharing the memories and for being there.Xxx' CH 

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