Words inspired and adapted from a Native American ceremony for Helen's Crystal Spirit  sage smudging shop opening ceremony in late 2017.

Cleanse this space of all negativity.

Open spiritual channels and positivity,
Invite always understanding and peace

As time passes, let the goodwill increase.
Welcome love and light to this special space.
Let kindness and thankfulness into this place.
Banish all energies that would cause any harm.

Bring forth healing, happiness and soothing calm. 

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Words written for a Committal for a loved Dad.

We will not walk away without you
You're carried safely in our hearts
We won’t release you from our minds
You live and are loved in our memories
We will not talk of you with quiet voices
Your name will skip happily from our tongues
We will never forget your words
Your advice will always guide us
Forever, forever, forever you remain
Ever important — until we meet again.

Ana Kelly​​​​​

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For a much-loved family man and pigeon-fancier, whose funeral I conducted in late 2017. Words adapted from the lyrics of a song.  

P’s Pigeons

In A**** Way Swindon, lived a friendly, hard-working bloke
Who liked nothing better than to give his pigeons a stroke
When he saw those shining beauties take to their wings to fly
he felt like soaring with them, up there, up high in the sky.

Far away in Swaziland, serving in the armed forces
P*** still dreamed of his pigeons and all their racing courses.
He’d an ambition he mentally planned for and rehearsed
That one day one of his prize birds would finish a race first.

After a few years of army life, hard work (and one or two parties)
He was back in Sunny Swindon, to pick up where he’d started
Along with good old mates from the F******* Working Men’s posse
He sought out, and bought, pigeons that were fast and glossy.

Pursuing this elusive dream brought no end of banter and good fun
Especially when P***’d retired,  his rubbish van days sadly done,
Wearing his green council shirt, he’d spend hours with his birds, 
Lavishing love and attention you simply can’t put into words.

That first place never happened, but medals were given galore
For second and third places, plus breeding ribbons and awards.
The afterlife now is where P*** will surely achieve his dream 
Of a concord-fast pigeon, and a first-place trophy’s gleam.

Even though a first place avoided P**** when he was alive
We all know he was a winner, as were the pigeons he helped thrive.
So when you see shining pigeons as they grace the air and fly
P***’s soul is soaring with them, up there, up high in the sky.


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I wrote this poem especially  for a lovely mum of four's funeral in February 2018. I had not told the family  it was mine, so it was touching when they asked me to open the service with it...

Tears will flow - it is the way things have to be
For a while only, then store your memories of me
Safely within your hearts, where I really will live on
Happy, loved and smiling – like I’d never gone.

Don’t pine for me to return, it was my time at last,
I was sanguine with the fact that life just has to pass. 
I met my end with open arms, so ask you not to grieve
I’d feel pain if you feel pain, so I ask you to believe

That life really is wonderful, so relish every day
Of the time left ahead of you. It is in this way I’ll stay
Firmly with you as a role-model and a loving guide
On how to live a life well, with dignity and pride. 

So dry those tears, and realise that it is as it has to be
And move on with your full happy lives, in tribute to me.     


I like playing with words and will happily create something special for your occasion if you wish me to! Stay away from the mundane cut & paste services, and let me make your service memorable. I also am happy to share suggested readings from many wonderful writers for any of my ceremonies.


Words written for  an Autumn Equinox, Hokey Cokey end of life celebration in 2017

Free Spirit

Balloons flying

Memories of fun

Higher than kites

Warmed by autumn sun

Fly high with the memories

Remember with love

This balloon ceremony

And the purple above

A fun-filled day

On an equinox date

Memories that will stay

And love that is great.  

I was asked to write this poem to be published in a Goan faith magazine on the anniversary of the death of a much-loved mother and grandmother. It reflects the messages that the family wanted to express. 

Our Dearest Ma and Nana, a year since your soul took flight

When you gently awoke to bid your final, loving goodnight

We celebrate the life you lived so well on this anniversary,

And focus on happy memories remaining with us eternally.

You were the ‘World’s Best Ma’ and we cherish the days past,

And although you are no longer with us, our love for you lasts.

A year since heartfelt goodbyes, as your life drew to its end

But your faith was strong and your Bible a constant, wise friend.

We know the Lord cherishes you and keeps you loved and near

Safe with Him in Heaven, reunited with so many you hold dear.

You are always watching and safeguarding as we carry on alone And when our days end, your open arms will welcome us home.

You were ever- kind and thoughtful to all ages and creeds,

A calm, compassionate role model meeting everyone’s needs. You would laugh with the children and carefully tend the old, Forgiving all trespasses, guided by your shining heart of gold. Ever youthful, you were ‘Sweet Sixteen’ in your darling ways

As you carried lived life joyfully at a pace, enjoying your days.

‘I’m fit and fine’ is the brave response to enquiries you’d give. Though we are lost without you, we know you’d want us to live And embrace our existences to the full, as you always would

Not hurtful or negative, just smiling and celebrating the good.

In memory’s special garden you are one of the flowers you loved Upright, colourful, fragrant, wonderful - a gift from God above.