Choose to have your ceremony ANYWHERE & ANYTIME .

* gardens, public houses, forests, scenic locations, historic places etc...*

Symbolic ceremonies available:

  including broom jumping, handfasting, sand-blending, candle or rose exchanges.


It is common to use a Celebrant for Blessings and Vow Renewals, but you also can use me for Wedding ceremonies! A Registrar is not present at birth or death, we simply register these separately. In the same way, couples can register their wedding by completing the basic statutory legal declarations in a Register Office and then have FREE choice over the location and Independent Celebrant for their main vows ceremony.

In other countries and in other religions, it is quite normal to register a wedding officially separately from the actual ceremonial service -- just Charles and Camilla did!  In France, for instance, even those married in church need to register their wedding at a Register Office. In the UK, the basic declarations can be done in the smaller offices of a Register Office for as little as £50 -- either before or after your ceremonial service elsewhere. 

Gone are the days when --  if you wanted something other than a church service -- you were obliged to use a Register Office for a ceremony. It is great that there are many wonderful places where Registrars are licensed to perform weddings, but even these can be restrictive in terms of size, cost, location, timings, what is permitted and choice of the officiant. Even where Licensed venues are totally ideal  there are benefits to having a celebrant officiant, as shown in my Case Study below. 

Remember the TV programme 'Don't Tell The Bride'? All of those outdoor ceremonies and those in many other offbeat locations WILL have been conducted by a  Celebrant... Outdoor locations are not allowed Licensed Weddings status.

The cost of an Independent Celebrant plus the Register Office basic ceremony will often be LESS than the cost of a wedding in a Licensed location or within the larger suites within Register Offices. In addition to this, catering and other options may also be broader in a location of your own free choice - where you may not be tied to catering and other 'wedding' options.  

As fantastic as some Registrars definitely are, they are not like-for-like with Independent Celebrants in what they have the time and permission to offer you -- both before and on what is such an important day.  My Celebrant services will be bespoke and more personalised, allocating you more time to edit and have everything tailored to your needs. I am easily contactable and will help with the wedding rehearsal. 

Additionally, a Celebrant-led service allows you free choice to 'interview' to find the person that best suits your needs. You may write to the Registry Supervisor to request a particular Registrar, but with no review systems in place it is hard to see who is available to you unless you know them personally. 

If you want a prayer or a religious reading included this is possible with an Independent Celebrant such as myself, whereas religious readings are NOT allowed in a Register Office. Similarly, I would be open to a service with symbolic elements.  Photos can be taken of you signing your commemorative document at your ceremonial service: a Registrar will often prohibit photos of the signing of the legal document.  

CASE STUDY.... Even in Licensed locations, using a Celebrant can offer more flexibility. In December 2017, I conducted a beautiful Wedding ceremony in a stunning manor near Bath, which usually uses Registrars in its four licensed rooms. The couple completed their legal declarations before the service. I was able to fit this service in at a time totally to suit the couple, it was not an issue for me that the bride was unavoidably delayed by almost 90 minutes, and the photos of the signing of the (non-legal) certificate were gorgeous. 

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